Idea RoverIdea Rover is a Windows / Mac OS X desktop application that allows to retrieve relevant information for your college essay, research paper, term paper, literature review, research proposal, Master’s thesis, or Ph. D. dissertation avoiding plagiarism and getting new tangible results.

The program extracts notes from HTM, HTML, PDF, and TXT files, integrates with Internet Explorer and Firefox, exports your research notes to Microsoft Word 2003/ 2007/ 2010.

There are free trials for Windows at: and for Mac OS X at:

and a 4-steps online help:
Step 1. Compose an outline –
Step 2. Collect data –
Step 3. Retrieve information –
Step 4. View notes –
Integration with Mozilla Firefox –
Integration with Internet Explorer –

and outline templates with sample notes:
How to write an outline –
How to write research paper topics –
How to write a term paper –
How to write a literature review –
How to write a research proposal –
How to write a thesis statement –
Thesis writing –